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Rengöring av solpaneler & tak

As more and more of us private individuals choose electric cars, the need to have access to reliable charging facilities in our immediate areas increases. JB Charge is here to simplify this entire process for you as a private individual. 

Panasonic, välkänt globalt företag och tillverkare av solceller ger råd i sina vanliga frågor:


- Vilket underhåll krävs för mina solpaneler? 

"Tvätta bort damm och smuts från dina solpaneler två gånger per år". 


Start charging with us

Let JB Charge take care of your charging needs and any parking management in your local area, so you can enjoy the benefits of EV charging while we take care of the rest.


We are proud to offer a comprehensive and reliable service that helps private individuals meet the growing demand for electric car charging in a cost-effective and convenient way.

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